New Video Series: Remote Leadership

Your organization may have started teleworking after some experience with full-time or part-time telework or with no experience at all. What’s true across most organizations is that due to COVID-19, we had to implement with very little notice, and we don’t know when full-time telework will end. In this video series, let’s step back and think about how we can lead our people most effectively to continue to meet our organization’s goals.

What was working and what wasn’t in the organization prior to full-time telework? Both things could magnify during telework. Leaders are used to observing and meeting face-to-face to obtain subjective data, but in telework finding objective data will be a new challenge.

Did performance problems seem to creep up and become urgent suddenly? Was your organization experiencing high turnover and low retention? Questions like these will lead you to areas that could be better managed and will need immediate attention if ignored.

What are some of the best parts of the organization’s culture? What are the areas of people management and culture that could be most adversely affected by telework?  Remember in work culture: if you can’t define it, then you might not be able to sustain it.

Now, you’ve identified a list of things that you want to focus on—both things to sustain and things to improve. What leadership skills and tools can you apply here? I suggest that your toolkit include things like increasing communication and transparency, creating a climate of healthy accountability, and building and sustaining relationships. List the types of behaviors that align with your culture. Can you find ways to support and recognize those behaviors in a telework environment? Perhaps the most challenging question you have is how will you manage performance and address poor performance in a telework environment.

In this series of videos, I will address these challenges based on my 15 years’ experience managing human resources in telework environments and my training and experience in leadership coaching. I’ll cover topics like managing performance and sustaining culture in a telework environment. I hope you’ll join me!