Leadership and Executive Coaching

Are you a new or seasoned leader facing challenges managing talent and
getting results?

Do you wish that it was easier to meet your personal and organizational goals when there’s never enough hours in a day?

Develop Leadership

that attracts the staff you want
to hire and retain


your team more efficiently
and with better results

Respond to the
changing workplace

by improving continuous feedback skills

Execute decisions,
implement strategy,

and accomplish your goals

Manage time more effectively

and find time for the priorities

Identify and leverage

your unique strengths and values as a leader

Address lackluster
or poor performance

and get your team back on track

Utilize change
management techniques

to lead stakeholder groups through change

"I had the opportunity to work with Mary Ellen over several months. She was a trusted adviser who helped me gain greater awareness of my strengths and how to maximize them. During our weekly conversations, Mary Ellen guided me to uncover my hidden potential and understand how I could make the greatest impact on my organization. Over the course of several months, we worked together on topics such as career development and future growth, working with my executive and showing my value, and time management and prioritization, to name a few. Above all, Mary Ellen was someone I trusted with difficult conversations and she helped me gain confidence to effectively address them. I would highly recommend Mary Ellen to my colleagues looking for a professional coach."
Association Executive
Former Client

What is coaching?
Mary Ellen’s coaching skill set

Powerful Questioning

to help you solve problems
and reach goals

360-degree feedback tools

Resources for
professional development

in leadership. managing people, and effective time management

Support, accountability,
and motivation

Scientifically-proven assessments

to help identify leadership strengths and areas of opportunity

Effective action plans

As an ICF-certified coach with credentials in career and life coaching, Mary Ellen helps her clients get unstuck and make changes to support their goals.  She applies her experience on the “other side of the desk” reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates for over 30 years to help job seekers position themselves for success.  Mary Ellen has achieved personal and professional goals, including relocating to Europe and starting a successful business.  She applies what she has learned through experience, training, and reading to help her clients identify and overcome obstacles that may be blocking their success.

Mary Ellen applies her years of experience working closely with CEOs and other C-suite leaders to coach leaders on effective leadership skills.  She helps leaders improve their communication skills and plan and implement crucial conversations.  Mary Ellen partners with leaders to improve their time management and work more effectively.