Job Search Coaching

Mary Ellen Brennan, HR Consultant and Certified Coach, is teaming with English as Second Language Career Coach and former headhunter Brendan Sliger to provide online job search coaching.  People searching for work remotely during the COVID-19 crisis can enroll in this course to improve their chances of getting their resume seen, making the second round of interviews, and landing a job in a flooded market.

45-minute Session with ESL Career Coach: Brendan

The perfect “Tell me about yourself” to start your Interview
CV Review: Proofread to correct grammar, Advice to improve

45-minute Session with ESL Career Coach: Brendan

CV-Check of Improvements from Session 1
Job Interview Questions:  Correction and Coaching
1. Verification of credentials and history questions “Why did your job end at ___?”
2. Subjective and opinion focused questions “What’s your greatest weakness?”

45-minute Session with ESL Career Coach: Brendan

“What’s your Story” creating 5 stories to answer most Behaviorial Interview Questions
Preparing specific behavioral questions for my desired position
Top 15 Behaviorial Job Interview Questions


45-minute Session with ESL Career Coach: Brendan

“Mock Application”: CV and Cover Letter for specific job vacancy

45-minute Session with ESL Career Coach: Brendan

“Mock Interview” for a specific job vacancy

45-minute Session with HR Consultant and Executive coach: Mary Ellen Brennan

“Mock Application and Interview” with Feedback

45-minute Session with HR Consultant and Executive coach: Mary Ellen Brennan

Career and Job Search Coaching

45-minute session with ESL Career Coach: Brendan

Video Review from Mock Interviews
Final Materials Check

The six hours of coaching can be scheduled intensively or flexibly.Intensive coaching includes sessions one through six over 3-5 consecutive days and sessions 7-8  scheduled more flexibly.   Intensive coaching is intended for candidates preparing for an upcoming interview.  The course is more flexibly designed for a 4-6 week course with one or two sessions per week.

The cost of the course is 350euro.  Meetings will take place virtually on a video client like Skype or Zoom.  Video downloads of all sessions will be made available for continuing study and improvement and written feedback after each session will give you the tools to prepare for any job interview. 

Additional material reviews of CV and Motivation Letter and Mock Interview sessions can be purchased after completion of the course designed as a “check-up” before applying for specific positions to prepare for your application/interview.  For a combo, consider Bootcamp. Also available without course enrollment. 

Proofread CV and Motivational Letter for a Specific Job Vacancy
30-minute video session with practical advice



30-minute mock interview with Brendan

30-minute mock interview with feedback with Mary Ellen

30-minute video review with Brendan



One hour job-search and career counseling session with Mary Ellen.


Material Review+Mock Interview 

Course graduate: 115euro. Single combo:150euro

What clients are saying...

The appointments with Brendan have always been one of my weekly highlights. Brendan was a highly intelligent teacher, who understood to embed the contents of the curriculum not just into a business- but also into the context of my career and employer. This way he managed to make the lessons more concrete and at the same time enjoyable for me, which led to an outstanding learning success.
Former Student, IT Procurement Dept
German Supermarket Chain