Career Coaching

Are you seeking a new and more challenging position but need help and encouragement in the job search?

Are you a manager or director looking to get to the next level but wondering how?

Draft or update your
resume for success

Create a winning
job search strategy

Position yourself for
internal promotion to a
higher-level position

Develop a powerful interview

Create compelling
cover letters

Identify career
interests and strengths

Develop an engaging
“elevator speech”


I honestly did not think I would be able to re-position myself so quickly.  That I did is largely due to your wise counsel, encouragement, and assistance.

-Association CEO who was offered his first-choice position

What is coaching?
Mary Ellen’s coaching skill set

Powerful Questioning

to identify skills, competencies,
passions, and interests

360-degree feedback tools

Resources for all
aspects of careers

including resume and interviews preparation

Support, accountability,
and motivation

Scientifically-proven assessments

to help identify strengths, weaknesses, and
areas of opportunity

Effective action plans

As an ICF-certified coach with credentials in career and life coaching, Mary Ellen helps her clients get unstuck and make changes to support their goals.  She applies her experience on the “other side of the desk” reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates for over 30 years to help job seekers position themselves for success.  Mary Ellen has achieved personal and professional goals, including relocating to Europe and starting a successful business.  She applies what she has learned through experience, training, and reading to help her clients identify and overcome obstacles that may be blocking their success.

Mary Ellen applies her unique perspective gained from years of recruiting for positions at all levels within an organization.  She knows what it takes to get noticed, interview effectively, and receive an offer.  In addition, as an HR leader, Mary Ellen knows what it takes to gain a promotion or lateral move within an organization.  

Mary Ellen helps clients to identify their strengths and interests and align them with potential career tracks.  If desired, she uses a variety of tools, including the Myers Briggs and Fascination Advantage, to help clients learn more about themselves.