Are you looking to understand your personality and build a personal marketing plan? MEBrennan Consulting is qualified to administer the MBTI and other assessments.

What is Type?

MBTI type indicates what a person’s preferences may be for two primary life processes—taking in information and making decisions. It also provides information on two other processes–how a person directs and receives energy, as well as how they approach an ever-changing, unpredictable world. Preferences in these four areas result in 16 MBTI types. However, we know that a preference is simply that, and that all of us have the ability to utilize the non-preferred process and create balance in our approach to life, work, and personal relationships.

Type is not a life sentence!

MBTI type gives you information on your preferences for some of the primary activities of life—taking in information and making decisions. We do these things thousands of times every day, usually without giving them much thought. We use the MBTI to not only increase your self-awareness of these and other processes, but also to help you create a path forward to developing additional flexibility in using your non-preferred ways of taking in information and making decisions.

We know that any MBTI type can choose any career and achieve success. Through the knowledge of type, you can develop your unique path to fully leveraging the skills necessary for your chosen profession. In job search, you can use type to recognize ways to present your skills and experience that show your flexibility between preferred and non-preferred processes and consequently the ability to work with and lead people of all types successfully.

What is the Fascination Advantage?

While the MBTI helps people to understand how they approach the outside world, the Fascination Advantage helps people to understand how others perceive them at their best. With the understanding of their primary and secondary advantage, this assessment will help you to build a personal brand. With the Fascination Advantage, you will build your own personal marketing plan and make a better first impression using your most influential traits.