Association Career Programs

Mary Ellen led the development of the award-winning IH Professional Pathway career stages program at AIHA. Associations can view their products and services through the career stages lens to increase their alignment with member needs, while creating content on career development for members. In addition, career stages programs provide an excellent platform for outreach and development of new entrants into the profession. Working with associations, MEBrennan Consulting helps to identify:

  • Significant junctures or stages in the career and the skills, including applicable knowledge, leadership and management skill, necessary at each stage;
  • Alignment of your education products with the needs of members at various stages and gaps in the education portfolio where opportunities may exist;
  • Opportunities for development of skills and experience within the volunteer structure that support members’ professional development;
  • Working with marketing staff, identify branding and tools for communication and outreach tied to the profession’s career stages.

In addition, Mary Ellen has many years of experience working with association career centers and career services, including coaching and counseling association members on resumes and interviewing skills, as well as providing presentations and training on a variety of career and job search tactics and strategies.